East New Britain Development Corporation Limited and its success’s over 45 years’ operations is the pride of the government and the people of East New Britain Province.

It is the sole operating successful business arm of a Provincial Government in Papua New Guinea since inception in 23rd August 1976. From an initial start-up capital of K459, 000 of which K100,000 was from the National Government, it has grown its portfolio now covering subsidiary business investments all trading, with a total market value close to K200 million plus.

Our Company and Our future relies on smart sustainable investments with wholly Owned Subsidiaries with diversified business operations in;

  • Road Transport & Stevedoring,
  • Shipping Agency & Coastal Barging ,
  • Slipway Operations,
  • Logistics & Freight Forwarding,
  • Port Management & Customs Brokerage Services
  • Property Development & Leasing predominantly based in Port Moresby and Kokopo.
  • Building & Civil Constructions in East New Britain with Quality Architectural Designs of all building classes to meet clients’ requirements.

Company Structure

Cooperate Governance

ENBDC Management


ENBDC Group of Companies strives to improve profitability of existing business activities in a sustainable and diversified manner and creates new investment opportunities and marketing network using its local expertise for the benefit of the Government and people of East New Britain Province.


ENBDC Group of Companies endeavors to be the most profitable and successfully operated business of the Government and people of East New Britain province managed by its own local experts who are professionally qualified, credible and industry specific experts.

Core Values

• Work Together
• Care about people
• Act with Honesty & Integrity
• Reliability
• Innovative & Problem Solving
• Seek High Performance in ourselves and others