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The East New Britain Development Corporation Graduate Development Scheme (GDS) was established. In 2010 to assist selected Diploma and Degree graduates from colleges and Universities to be developed for possible career opportunities within ENBDC and the National workforce in general. GDS was formal revised in 2013 and eight Graduates were confirmed into permanent positions with adjustment to their entry level remunerations. Six new Graduates were recruited in 2013 and are currently attached to various related departments. One was recruited in 2014. Most Graduates who have joined us are in Accounting and Tropical Agriculture, however, other fields such as mechanical, Human Resources and Building are currently being sought. Our GDS has aims to develop graduates in various fields to meet the organization’s human resources needs for skilled and qualified citizen employees to accelerate our succession or career development program. As a Business arm of the ENB Provincial Government, our GDS program is also as an integral part of the National Training and Development Plan.

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